Romans 14:19 argues that we should make every effort to do what leads to peace, mutual dignity and positive regard; all toward one another. This applies to our business dealings, interpersonal relationships as well as how we treat ourselves. 
The Ministry of Peace

Peace weighs heavy on my heart so much that I am compelled by the Holy Spirit to declare my personal ministry is about Peace. I write about peace, I promote peace, I counsel on peace, I Bless all to peace, most of all, I give Praise and Honor to God the Father for Peace and thank Jesus my Lord and Savior for His greetings of Peace and the Holy Spirit that Enables me to pay it forward to Bless and greet all in Peace.  Much of the earthly ministry of Jesus had to do with peace; be He actually speaking peace or indirectly referring to peace.  I sought to examine the manner and incidents in which Jesus promoted, spoke of and Blessed others through peace only to time and time be redirected to trying to understand how He may have conceptualized peace. First of all Jesus was Jewish and therefore one way of understanding how Jesus may have understood peace may originate from what He learned about peace through Jewish scripture. This combined with His fulfillment of prophecy provided me with a more well-rounded idea of how my Lord and Savior understood peace; this is very very important. Because if I am to label myself as a Disciple, I should want to learn to think in the manner that Christ would think. Let us therefore make every effort to do what leads to peace and to mutual edification through the Wisdom and Word of Christ our Lord and Savior. Romans 14:19 (NIV)

Emory Crawford, LPC