The Big 3

Every year the top three broad categories of mental health concerns in prevalence are: anxiety related issues; depression related issues and relationship related issues.  Our ability to manage emotions, anxiety and relationships impact our thoughts, feelings and behaviors on a daily basis.  Life happens, and we all encounter unexpected challenges, cloudy-rainy days, relationship conflicts or just wanting to stay in bed all day.  Other times our expectations are not achieved, our efforts are not recognized, and we come face to face with emotionally charge circumstances: the activities that we routinely enjoy, stop being fun; we stop talking, visiting, and associating with friends and family; or we don’t see the need to try anything, perform our daily hygiene or prefer to wear the same clothing for days at a time.  The truth is that when people deal with people, regardless of the circumstances, conflict will happen; relationships will be messy from time to time and anytime we deal with people we will be disappointed at some time or another.  The emotions and dynamics of relationships that are encountered in life or during therapy are many, at some point in our marriages, at work, or in general we’ll feel: disappointed, betrayed, confused, or marginalized.  Depression, anxiety, and relationship issues represent our efforts of survival in life.  The good news is that you, we are not meant to navigate through these experiences alone, but with the help, support and love of friends and family, as well as with the expertise of trained mental health professionals like Innovative Conversations, LLC.  Life alone is life unfulfilled.  Examine our pages covering each one of these experiences of depression, anxiety and relationships and if you find yourself not able to enjoy what otherwise should be fulfilling activities, contact Innovative Conversations, LLC., we are eager to help you.