I provide LPC supervision and clinical supervision to graduate student interns and licensed professional counselors through Innovative Conversations, LLC outpatient counseling services.  I am excited at the opportunity to collaborate with LPC interns and LPC supervisees to provide effective services to our counseling clientele and the public in general.

The supervisor/supervisee relationship works optimally when the supervisor and supervisee understand and agree upon roles, responsibilities, consistency and commitment.

For this reason, I advise would-be supervisees to choose carefully: some of the questions that supervisees may pose to possible supervisors revolve around:  counseling experience;  supervision experience;  theoretical orientation;  ethical issues; and/or roles and responsibilities


  • Work with supervisors and clients to establish and maintain a safe, productive, cooperative and effective working environment and relationship 
  • Be on time, consistent and attentive to all professional and clinically related appointments and events.  
  • Actively and productively participate in all supervision and clinically related appointments and events.   
  • Be persistent, consistent and productive in establishing and maintaining accurate and timely documentation.

Requirements for superivision include: Masters or PhD in counseling or psychology from an accredited university and completed all coursework and practicum as required by the LPC Board; Have a place to provide counseling services;  State supervision contract and an individual contract with me outlining expectations;  Your curriculum vitae and 2 professional references including your practicum supervisor and current LPC supervisor, if applicable;  Release of information to consult with your previous supervisor, if applicable;  Obtain professional liability insurance for a minimum of 1 million/3 million coverage;  Complete and mail your application for temporary licensure, Practicum Documentation, and the Supervisory Agreement Form along with a copy of your supervisor’s license to the Texas State Board of Examiners of Professional Counselors;  Be prepared to wait four to six weeks before your application is approved and you can begin practicing.


The base theoretical orientation I use is Adlerian in nature.  Inherent is the building up, supporting and enhancing the clinical and professional skills that the supervisee feels inadequate in providing.  Additionally, we work together to sharpen and perfect the clinical and professional skills that the supervisee feels confident in providing. The counselor/counselee relationship focuses on identified challenges, which are transformed into goals and objectives which are then measured at specific moments in time. Much like therapy, the supervision relationship is dynamic, the quality of the supervision is based primarily on movement in a positive direction towards goal attainment.

I also give weight to interplay between values and beliefs of the supervisee and supervisor. I also strongly encourage the supervisee to become competent in taking into account the interplay of between the values and beliefs of the supervisee and their clienteles.