Why is depression so common?  No one knows for sure, because the reasons for depression are many and the depression a person experiences is unique.  Innovative Conversations, LLC seeks to educate consumers about depression: the types of depression; the relationship between depression, life circumstances, families, and relationships; ways that clients can examine, intervene and manage depression; as well as how to be successful navigating life’s demands.  At Innovative Conversations, LLC., each client is an individual with individual-unique concerns, talents and abilities.  We want to strengthen those talents and abilities and teach clients to use their talents and abilities to manage their concerns and their depression.  But what may not be unique are not symptoms commonly experienced with depression:

Loss of pleasure in activities that used to be pleasurable

Increase conflict in friendships, family relationships or work relationships

Physically isolating or withdrawing from people and social activities

Poor appetite, change in eating habits

Restless sleep and nightmares

Poor concentration

Low energy or motivation

Complete the linked online depression screening, if you are unsure about you and depression.  If you are further concerned about depression or would like a consultation, Innovative Conversations, LLC is a trusted source and support, call us.


Depression is the leading category of mental health disability in the United States for individuals between the age of 15 and 44 years. Depression ranks among the top three (3) workplace issues in the United States, along with family crises and stress. Two-thirds of people exhibiting depression, do not actively seek, nor receive proper intervention. In 2015 about 51% of children, ages 8 through 15 years received treatment related to depression